How To Protect Your Family From Identity Theft

Protecting Your Families Identity:

Identify theft is one of the most committed crimes in the U.S. today. Identify theft can range from the perpetrator stealing information for financial gain, to the theft of social security data in order to mask an immigration status. Regardless of the reasons behind identify theft, the victim may find it impossible to escape the consequences. Below are six simple steps you can take in order to protect your family from identify theft.

Six-Steps to Protecting Your Identity:

1. Purchase a paper shredder for your home office. We often overlook the amount of paper with throw away each year with personal information on it. From billing statements to pre-approved credit cards, these documents speak volumes about your financial history. It is not uncommon for identity thieves to search through garbage cans in order to find these types of documents. A quality paper shredder can be purchased for around $50.

2. Update your online banking and financial accounts. It is a smart idea to set a password schedule for any online accounts you may have. Often, people keep the same login identification for multiple accounts for years on end. The problem being if a thief knows one, they know them all. Use caution in choosing your passwords, do not use names, date of birth, etc. Also, keep in mind the cost of this is free, and is a great way to shield yourself from potential theft.

3. View your credit reports annually. Be cautious of supposed free credit reporting websites. Though they claim to be free, they may automatically enroll you into a yearly service fee. Be sure to read the fine print of any of these websites. It would be better to call the credit agency, like Experian, directly to obtain your free report. Again, the cost should be free.

4. Minimize and update your credit card foot print. Have you been trying to find a reason to cancel those costly store credit cards? With some of the largest retailers in America being hacked, now may be a good time to do so. By reducing the number of credit cards you have, you will be reducing your exposure to predators. You do not have to have a $0 balance on your credit card in order to deactivate the card. Though it may be difficult at first, it is good to know the cost is free, and doing so may save you piece of mind.

5. Protect your mobile devices and be cautious of what information you share. In today’s world it is not uncommon that we share all aspects of our lives. Be careful of what you are exposing in your tweets and Facebook profile updates. Though you may trust your friends, it is virtually impossible to ensure only your friends are viewing the data you post.

6. Lastly, do not fall for scams. This of course is easier said than done. You can rest assured there are no Nigerian royalty, or long last family members, blindly emailing you in need of funds. Do not send financial information to an unknown source over an email. Also, government agencies, like the FBI and IRS, do not contact people via the internet with threats of prosecution. These bogus emails are known as phishing scams, and have cost Americans billions of dollars.



Hopefully the above guide will help you form falling into the clutches of an identity thief. Keep in mind, if the unfortunate does happen, it is not the end of the world. There are steps you can take in order to mitigate your exposure. In the meantime, the best offensive, is a well thought out defense.

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Review of Spot Option Platform

Spot Option is a Binary Option platform that has been a part of the trading market since 2008. It was formed to allow binary option trading in response to option cleaning corporation’s rule change. Securities and Exchange Commission approves the instrument listings on Spot Option.  The Spot Option binary platform is considered as a user friendly and most advanced, the reason behind this is its employment of industry leading experts both financial and internet based.

Programs that have been offered by Spot Option includes white label program, which minimizes operators work and work on its behalf.  Furthermore, it is considered as the most secure platform for online trading and it is popular all over the industry because of the provision of complete solutions.

Spot Options receive its price feeds and data from Reuters for accurate trading and up to date market measures. The front screen of the platform is very attractive and well designed for the ease of traders; it also serves a purpose of attracting potential traders. Moreover, at times when intraday strategies are implemented, it ensures faster decision-making process, which is another attractive feature.

New traders particularly those who are not aware of the binary options trading can fully benefit from this platform as it gives attention to each and every detail and provides a clear description of different concepts. Some other features that make this platform unique include its offer of over 250 assets, as most of the platforms do not offer it. Furthermore, it has become evident from other user reviews that it offers the best risk management service of binary options as compared to other binary options trading platforms.

Significant users of Spot Option Platform

Some of the most frequent and noticeable users of Spot Option Platform are brokers. These brokers consist of IOption, Traders Room, Trade Rush, Bbinary, Gr8trade, Options 365, Ikko Trader and Dragon Option. They have approved the successful operation of a Spot Option platform as they have already used it and are quite satisfied with its performance.


Spot Option platform receives very good ratings by different professionals in almost all of its operations. Its functionality, efficiency, ease of use and provision of detailed information – all of these receive above average ratings. Moreover, its prices are considered very accurate.  Further, its trading tools and options such as one touch, options builder, 60 seconds, roller, double up further enhances its uniqueness among other platforms.

Flexibility and Clarity

The most impressive aspect of Spot Option Platform is its clear ease of use and flexibility. Traders are given different trading choices and they can easily choose option contract with very little effort as each choice is divided by tabs at the top of the platform. It minimizes the risk of mistake and in this way a trader does not encounter the mistake of opening an irrelevant position. Another feature that makes it flexible is its hedging positions.

Options Builder

Moreover, it offers an option of “Options Builder” which is the most recent tool developed in binary options trading.  The significance of this tool is that it offers traders stop losses and other similar tools with which traders can develop the risk management plans and structure them accordingly. This feature of risk management is one of the strongest points of Spot Option platforms as it adds to advancements in technology and execution process. This feature is considered attractive to most of the conservative traders who exhibit clear tolerance for risk.2

Furthermore, its 60-second feature is another advancing tool and it is considered quite useful to modern and trading environment trading based on internet. For traders, it is mostly used by those who are quite aggressive and their trading is based on fundamental release of the news.

In rollover option, traders can delay expiry time by thirty percent, it is considered very useful for traders who are incurring losses, and positions are working against them. On the other hand, the double up option gives the traders a chance to use the same conditions of market and price ranges for opening a second position.

All of the above-mentioned features basically make it among one of the most efficient platforms.


There is a downside to Spot Option Platform as well, and this is the lack of customization. Traders are given very limited choices to change their trading options and customize it according to their individual needs and specific classes of assets.

However, it might be useful for beginners who do not have a need to change their trading options and they find it quite useful as the features are quite clear.  Furthermore, its trading portfolio feature is also considered as its weakness by many users. The reason is that it does not provide active positions unless a trader enters a specific date and time frame. It is considered a downside because it gives the impression that there are no open positions present at the moment, however there is a possibility that those positions are there but difficult to find.  It is considered quite risky for traders especially short term traders who usually open up and close trades quickly. Trade confirmation window is another feature that is considered a downside of this platform by most of the traders as it reduces the flexibility and speed but it could be useful to many conservative traders.


Despite of its weaknesses, Spot Option platform is considered as the most reliable, friendly and efficient platform for anyone especially those who wish to activate their own binary options. Moreover, it offers very easy payment options through credit card, PayPal, western union and others. Customers can easily access it through its online platform as well as international phone calls.

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When is the Perfect Time to File Bankruptcy?

It is important for people to know when the right time to file for bankruptcy is. Millions of consumers have to take this action every year across the United States. Bankruptcy is a legal way for a person to discharge their debts that they cannot pay. The decision is a serious one and should not be done lightly. Here are some tips about when is the perfect time to file for bankruptcy.

Assess the Financial Picture

People who have amassed a lot of debt often cannot dig themselves out of the situation that they have gotten themselves into. Unfortunately, most consumers have tens of thousands of dollars in debt because they rely too heavily on lines of credit to make ends meet.

concept of bankruptcy

An assessment should be done to determine if the debt can ever be paid back using the current household income. If the income cannot ever pay off the debt then filing for bankruptcy may be the best option for people as this can help them start over again financially.

Meet with a CPA

People should meet with a CPA to get a good idea about how they are doing financially and if bankruptcy might help them get back on track. Some people jump the gun and file for bankruptcy too early on.

Creditors often offer people who are doing poorly financially options to repay their debts. Some of these include repayment plans, debt settlements and the freezing of interest rates. A CPA or certified public accountant can help people see if the numbers show that the discharge of debts is worth the investment of time.

Speak to a Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy attorneys can meet with people to discuss the criteria that people must met to have their debts discharged. Individuals have to prove to a judge that they have no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. This means that creditors will go unpaid so it is crucial for people to understand the severity of the action.

People who file and are successful will have their debts wiped away but it becomes a matter of public record. If a person cannot even meet their fixed expenses each month, then it can be good to file for bankruptcy because it can allow them the chance to have a clean slate.

One of the major drawbacks to this is that it can be noted on a person’s credit file for a period of ten years. Individuals also will have a much harder time opening a credit card account or getting approved for a loan. If people ever want to own a car or home, then this action can make those items much more difficult to get. This is why people need to act at the right time.

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Erase College Debt: Is It Possible

Now that you have graduated college it is time to find that good job to start your career. After putting together your resume and reading some interview books you feel that you are ready to sell yourself. Landing that job felt great and so did joining the workforce, but shortly after joining it you find yourself shocked when you receive your first student loan bill. The monthly payment is reasonable but the total amount is so daunting that you question whether you will ever be able to pay it all off.

Paying off student debt is possible

Though the total balance—that never seems to really do down—is probably more than you think you will ever be able to pay off it is possible. The first step in the plan of attack on your debt problem is to create a budget. This will track your monthly income and expenses so you get an understanding of what is happening with your money. Many people are shocked after doing this because they learn just how much they spend on certain things.

Tighten that belt

After creating a budget the next step would be to “tighten your belt” by spending less money. This will free up funds that can go towards paying down your student debt. An area in which you will likely be able to spend less is on meals and entertainment. Going out can be very expensive and most recent college grads do it way too often. Another way to spend less is to ask yourself if you really need something before you make the purchase. It is likely that you will not need many things but simply want them.

Make more money

In addition to spending less another great way to chop away that student debt is to make more money. The easiest way to do this is to get a part-time job. It is understandable that waiting tables—possibly again—is not something that you will want to do, but doing so will mean that the student debt will be gone so much faster. It is also important to note that making more doesn’t mean you should spend more. It does not make any sense to put in extra hours of work and not get much in return.


Pay that bill first

The last way to take care of your student debt fast is to pay the highest amount possible toward it before you pay anything else. Waiting to pay it could mean that you would spend money on other things and therefore not be able to pay as much toward your debt. Paying down that student loan is your top priority so this only makes sense.

Now that you understand that it is possible to rid yourself of that student debt in a timely fashion it is time to employ the previously mentioned tips. Creating a budget, spending less, making more, and paying that debt first will ensure it is gone as fast as possible. After that you can start to pay yourself back for all of your hard work!

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How to Get Rid of Bad Habits in Investing and Trading

Both investing and trading offer the potential to turn your initial amount of capital into something more. The increase can be significant or modest, but any improvement is preferable to a loss. Of course, losses cannot be avoided completely as they are simply part of the game. There are certain bad habits, however, that may increase the likelihood of losses or diminished profits. Either way, if you have bad trading or investing habits, you do need to know how to get rid of them.

Let Experience Be Your Guide

Nothing tells you whether you are doing something right or wrong better than experience. When you begin to notice very obvious mistakes and errors, you must be willing to make changes in how you do things. If not, then your financial decisions are always going to be weak.

Keeping a journal of your investment and trading decisions is well advised. Review the journal carefully and, most importantly, honestly. Doing so will reveal critical information about your performance. From this, changes and modifications can be made to your approach in the future. Among this changes would be the elimination of bad habits that do you no good.

Create a Logical Style that Works for You

10Among the most common of bad habits investors and traders embody would be lacking any coherent logic to their style. No serious systemic method to financial decisions is made. As a result, nothing builds on previous actions and decisions are seemingly random ones. A better strategy would be to craft a style that fits your goals and risk level. Furthermore, setting specific rules in place to guide decisions on how much money should be traded per year, how much should go into long term conservative investments, what type of markets to avoid, and so on would further aid in maintaining good fiscal habits.

Changing the Environment in Which You Work

Yes, the environment you opt to work in can have a profound effect on the way you trade. If you find the environment is not longer conducive, you may wish to change it. Environments where clutter is a problem do need to be cleaned up and better organized in order to eliminate the drag they can have on your work.

Avoid Being Greedy

Probably the worst bad habit someone could have when it comes to investing or trading is to be greedy. Trying to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time all the time is not always possible. Being obsessed with getting back losses is another bad idea. Often, greedy leads to the opposite end result that is sought, which is why avarice is a bad habit investors and traders must be free of.

It can take quite a bit of time to break free of bad habits. Those willing to put the proper amount of time into to eliminate said habits likely will find their efforts are worth it.

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Diversify Your Investments – Is it a Wise Movement?


There are many people that are looking towards retirement and are wondering what is the best way to maximize their investment potential so that they can live comfortably in their golden years. Some people believe that it should only be put into one sector while others believe it should be spread out over several investment areas to protect it. Although it is impossible to tell what the financial markets will be in the future it has been forecasted by some statisticians that there are some investment diversifying that is beneficial because it covers a wider market. A person should always consult a financial advisor before making a radical change in their investment strategies.


Stocks are a good place for an investor to put some of their finances. It allows for the ability for their initial investment to grow and prosper. However, there are many stocks to choose from and it can become quite confusing trying to figure out which one to invest in. It is a good idea that a person researches a particular stock to see how it has done, or is doing, in the market before they consider buying shares. Since the market is volatile this will at least give the investors an educated reason to buy them. Make sure to keep an eye on the market and be ready to sell the stocks if they start to plummet.


1While bonds are a little bit more secure, but not much, than stocks it is still a volatile market. A person has the opportunity to gain or lose a substantial amount of money when they are dealing with bonds. As the market fluctuates so does the invested capital. A bad, or uneducated bond investment could prove disastrous.

Precious Metals

People have known for thousands of years about the value of precious metals such as gold and silver. Good, especially, seems to be doing very well in the market today. It has had a trend of increasing in value and this is making it the popular choice for investors that are looking for a more stable investing platform to get started with. There are a rising number of precious metal traders that have popped up across the country in the past few years which makes procuring gold reasonably easy for those that can afford it.


A person that takes the time out to research all three of these investment strategies can plainly see that it is probably a good idea to invest a little bit of finances in each market. If one market starts to fail then a person can simply sell off their investment and reinvest it in another area. My diversifying a financial portfolio a person can increase their chances for success and avoid many of the pitfalls that other seems to face that are single vested when that market takes a nose dive. The old adage, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”, rings true.

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